Family Center

Counseling for a new normal.

Counseling services for the whole family

When a child becomes seriously ill, the entire family experiences a new normal — filled with physical, emotional, relational and financial challenges. To help find balance, we provide free, confidential coaching, counseling and support services to children and their families. Call 205-638-5229 to make an appointment or referral.

Focusing on the children and families of the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children, we stand with children, parents, siblings and their extended family to coach them through the sea of emotions that are normal when facing this type of health-related adversity.

We’ve found that families who address their concerns and emotions along the way are knit stronger, are able to provide better care for their child and are an inspiration to other families facing similar situations.

Common feelings families often experience include isolation, strained relationships, low self-esteem, loss and bereavement, depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, fear and hopelessness. Our team helps children and their families address these burdens in a healthy, caring way.


Every individual and family has unique needs. We understand this and provide multiple settings to accommodate individual needs and preferences.

Individual Counseling

Everyone responds a little differently to stress and concern. This one-on-one private environment allows individual family members to identify, understand and resolve harmful feelings and emotions before they can cause harmful character or personality changes.

Parenting Trainings

We collectively work together to improve parent relationships with one another and grow new parenting skills that are often required for managing ongoing health, social and environmental changes that take place in the family.

Parent and Child Counseling

The balance families have before facing health challenges can be hard to find again. We explore ways for a child and parent to restore and maintain a healthy balance while also strengthening their relationships through cooperation and communication.

Family Counseling

You can’t fix something you don’t know exists. We’re all good at hiding emotions. That’s why we work with families to identify rising concerns and grow through them. The outcome provides stronger trust and communication even in adverse situations.

Support Groups

Provided for people in similar circumstances, groups can develop new relationships and allow for sharing methods for coping and encouraging one another in a way others outside the group may not be able to fully appreciate.


No matter the setting, our team upholds the highest standards and ethics in regards to your confidentiality and the privacy and confidentiality of your family.

Social Support Services

Changes to our environment can cause emotional changes. That’s why our team also assists with referrals, transportation, housing and other needs that evolve due to a child’s illness and hospitalization.

Coping Techniques

Absorbing and trying to make sense of this new situation and environment can be overwhelming. We teach coping techniques that reduce and manage stress and anxiety.


Families are our first priority — we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Non-priority coaching can also be scheduled. We can meet in a private office at the Children’s Harbor Family Center (connected to the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children) or we can come to your room in the hospital. Contact (205) 638-5229.

Get a Referral

A physician or medical team member may refer a family for services, or the family can simply refer themselves by contacting (205) 638-5229.