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"I wanted to take a few minutes and try to sum up in a few words just how important a role the Children’s Harbor Family Center has played in our lives over the last 2 months. I have been here for an extended period of time as my 5-year-old son is an outpatient in the 2 month long intensive feeding program under Dr. Mastin at Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children in Birmingham, AL. We reside in Florida and have been searching for a number of years for a program like this new Intensive Feeding Program being offered at Children’s of Alabama; they are very rare and expensive and seldom time accessible especially for out of state patients and their families."

"My wife and I have three boys and two of those were born critically ill and needed initially live saving care and then very hands on long term care. We have been in and out of many highly resourced and highly regarded hospitals in the United States and in other parts of the world. Generally they have provided excellent treatment of the issues and challenges our children have come up against. Medical facilities treat patients; programs like the Family Center care for patients and their families in a way that is really immeasurable to families like ours."

"Finley’s program while in hospital consists of 5 full days of therapy in 4 sessions each day starting at 8am each morning. I think for adult patients it would be a challenge, stressful and tiring, but for a very smart, active five year old it would have been very tough on him and us without the Family Center Team."

"We are in the Family Center pretty much every day utilizing most of the resources, but especially the basketball court and air hockey table. While Finley is very fortunately still well enough to be physically active, a lot of kids and families are not, but the great thing about the Family Center is also that you can be active or quiet and the facility is equally accommodating."

"My wife and I have had the very good fortune to live and work on five continents and we have experienced an awful lot considering. The Children’s Harbor Family Center is truly a world class program and facility and I know that in time Finley’s memory of his stay in Alabama won’t be so much about the amazing medical care he received here; it will be the lasting memories from his time exploring and enjoying Birmingham and his time in the Family Center in Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children."

We’d love for you to watch a video of Damian and his two sons at the Family Center. Visit our website stories section to see a glimpse of the kids playing and to hear more from Damian about the impact the Family Center had on his family’s medical journey.

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