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Children’s Harbor Barber Motorsports Day

The Beginnings of Camp Hemo
Families had the opportunity to meet a motorcycle racer and sit on his motorcycle.

Children’s Harbor teamed up with Barber Motorsports Park for a day to remember for patients and families on Saturday, June 27th. The “Children’s Harbor Barber Motorsports Day” was so much fun for our kiddos and families because they had an amazing up-close opportunity to see the world’s largest motorcycle museum, participate in a personalized race car painting class and be a part of the parade of cars.

“The families who attended were in for very special treatment, surprises around every corner tailored just for them, and left with beaming faces – children, siblings, moms and dads, and even a granddad,” said Rachel Rounsaville Event Coordinator and CH Director of Fund Development.

“Our girls throughly enjoyed touring the motorcycle museum, meeting a professional racer, sitting on his motorcycle and painting. The best part for our youngest daughter was riding on the track. She kept her hands in the air, giggled the entire time and said it was like a rollercoaster! Thank you for helping us create great memories!”

Children’s Harbor is so grateful for all of the wonderful things Barber Motorsports graciously donated for the day including museum tickets, boxed lunches and much more. The Barber Motorsports Park staff made everyone feel so special - especially the kids who got to learn so many cool things about motorcycles.

“It was wonderful to see the children and their families truly enjoy and participate in the activities that were planned for them at the Museum. Even with the daily challenges that these families endure, I think the day was a blessing for all,” said Michael DeSocio, Events Manager & Corporate Membership for Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.

Children’s Harbor Barber Motorsports Day Schedule for the Racers and their Crew

During the day, families participated in:

  • Personal tour the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, which is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest motorcycle collection.
  • Step-by-step personalized race care painting class of Disney’s movie Cars’ Lightning McQueen
  • Meet and Greet with professional motorcyclist Felix Key from “Sport Bike Track Time” and a chance to sit on his motorcycle for a photo-shoot to remember

  • Watching motorcycles race from above through the glass floor of a handicap accessible bridge over the track
  • Eating lunch with all the families in a behind the scenes room overlooking the speedway
  • Once in a lifetime chance to ride on the track
  • Up close and personal view of a local car collection that included some of the fastest street legal cars

“Thanks to our staff and the staff and leadership at Barber Motorsports Museum for a great experience for the families that attended. Working together, we were able to provide a wonderful and memorable day for families that balance so much on a daily basis. Seeing the children smile (and the parents too) reminds me why Children's Harbor is such an important and impactful organization and how partnering with other organizations around the state can create even more opportunities for us to serve families with seriously ill children."

Myrle Grate, CEO, Children's Harbor

About Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

With over 1,400 motorcycles spanning over 100 years of production, the Barber collection represents 200 different manufacturers from 20 countries. Showcasing the unique design of each individual piece, this epic display reveals the fine art of the motorcycle. But that’s not all. The museum also features the world’s most extensive collection of Lotus cars, plus an assortment of rare, celebrated cars.

Visit for museum details and hours of operation.

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