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Sounds of Healing

We Appreciate Our Volunteers

At Children’s Harbor Family Center, the piano has always been a long-recognized source of remedy for those seeking escape and creative expression. People come from all over the hospital to play our piano from social workers to doctors to patients and family members. Needless to say our piano is beloved amongst the hospital community.

In 2008 Julie Porter found the Children’s Harbor piano to be her saving grace when her daughter Lilyana was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer at 10 months old.

“Children’s Harbor Family Center gave me peace in a time of such uncertainty. It just seemed like I was back to normal when I was playing the piano. I also loved that I was making everyone in the Family Center feel good by playing and singing. It added so much joy to my life for the months I was at Children’s Hospital with Lilyana,” said Julie.

This week Julie was back in our Family Center playing the piano and singing to everyone’s delight. Lilyana has been in remission for seven years, but recently was hospitalized for a ruptured disc. In this video, you can watch her sing and play “Amazing Grace.”

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How Can You Help?

The assistance Children’s Harbor receives from generous donors and active volunteers is central to carrying out our mission. Learn more about getting involved.