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Jesse’s first job

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Children’s Harbor first met Jesse in 2012 when he was referred to our Education, Career Development and Transition program for career development coaching by his Hoover High School exceptional education teacher, Ann Glass. Since then, Jesse has flourished in our program through the guidance of program coordinator Janice Crow.

“I’m so grateful for Children’s Harbor for making a dream of Jesse’s come true. Just very happy for Jesse, it’s his first job. If it weren’t for the help he received from Janice Crow, Jesse would be just at home playing video games instead of out in the community meeting people and starting a job.” -Peter, Jesse’s foster father

Once Jesse entered the Children’s Harbor Education, Transition and Career Development program, coordinator Janice Crow customized an education and career development plan based on his present level of academic achievement, functional performance, interests and learning styles. The focus of his plan was working on reading comprehension to improve his reading and writing skills so he could confidently write a resume, fill out a job application and excel in a job interview.

Through one-on-one academic tutoring, Jesse was able to gain confidence in his writing skills and make great strides in reading. In many instances, Jesse knew the answer but just didn’t understand the question, so through Janice’s guidance he was able to work through various exercises to improve his reading comprehension. Once he felt confident with reading and writing, Janice started working on the career development part of the individual education plan.

Over the next couple of months, Jesse worked diligently on preparing himself for the job interview through career development workshops and classes sponsored by Children’s Harbor. Jesse’s favorite part of the career development program was the employment classes. He mastered many new things, but most importantly he learned how to set up an email account, search for job openings, read and fill out a job application, and succeed in a mock interview. “The mock interview was a great experience for Jesse. Although he was nervous at first, the process helped him relax in the interview setting and confidently answer questions,” said Janice.

After many hours of preparation, Jesse felt confident about pursuing a job as a desk clerk because of Children’s Harbor’s Education, Career Development and Transition program. Currently he is a desk clerk at Children’s Hospital where his responsibilities include greeting people, answering phone calls, validating parking tickets, making visitor passes, and much more. “Jesse has such a genuine heart for helping others. This is a great fit for him,” said Janice.

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