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Return visit brings bear hugs & confirmation

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A young man who was first seen at our Family Center 9 years ago recently came in to tell us how much he appreciates us. It has been 6 years since he and his family were last seen at the center.

Corey, who is now about six feet tall and 200 pounds strong, gave us “bear hugs” as he took a familiar tour around the center. It brought back memories of the challenges that he and his family had to overcome. He said that for many years the center was like home to them, and he had to come back to let us know he “made it." “Look at me,” he said with a confident grin.

There were many times when Corey felt like giving up. But, he was encouraged by what he’d learned from years of receiving help at the Family Center. “Children’s Harbor helped me to become a brave, honest, hardworking, and thankful man. I didn’t give up,” Corey told us. Corey’s surprise visit was an affirmation of our continuing driving force for meeting the needs of children and their families.

Corey brings his wife, Diondra, to the Family Center on a regular basis to help out with special events. We are very fortunate to have such a strong role model volunteering with us.

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