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Beanie Babies bring big smiles

Now cancer free, Sydney's got a mission

Children’s Harbor Anchor Society and Birmingham Advisory Council member Beth Marsh (right) and friend Darla Sellers (left) are on a mission and are spearheading our Beanie Baby Project.

To make a longer story shorter, Beth and many of her friends toured our Family Center several months ago and learned that Children’s Harbor has a Beanie claw machine where every child gets 2 tokens a day. Because the machine is set up for success, every child often walks away with 2 Beanies which they love to take to their rooms, family, and friends.

“I had no idea that these children had such a fabulous facility to visit while hospitalized. We were told at the meeting about the children being so disappointed when the Beanie Baby machine was low. We were the moms that bought them for our children and knew our friends did too. It was a perfect fit for a personal project!” Darla Sellers

Children’s Harbor routinely gives away over 200 Beanies a month, and we need anyone who can to help Beth and Darla keep the Beanie Babies coming. Email LeAnn Crowe if you would like to get involved.

The Beanie Crane has been a fixture at Children’s Harbor since 2003, and when Beth and Darla discovered that the Beanie inventory sometimes dwindles to nothing they simply said we cannot have this. So they are on the prowl for new or well maintained Beanies that bring joy to all of the boys and girls.

*Teach Me Beauty assisted with the drive by offering a 10% discount on any hair service for clients who contributed Beanie Babies. Their promotion yielded over 350 Beanies. So if you are a business owner and would like to partner with us on a Beanie Baby drive please Email LeAnn Crowe or call (205) 638-6628 for promotional materials.

Special Thanks to our Beanie Baby Project Donors: Darla Sellers, Beth Marsh, Pat Herron, Bea Headley, Jeri Davis, Carmen Morrow, Joyce Lichtenstein, Martha Fuller, Kathy Brown, Sheryl Kimerling, Lynne Nicholson, Jeana Huggins, Lisa Miller, Christina Brown, Steve Craig, Vicki and Scotty Lewis, Teach Me Beauty and Shelaine Luttrell.

How Can You Help?

The assistance Children’s Harbor receives from generous donors and active volunteers is central to carrying out our mission. Learn more about getting involved.