Country Living Staff Visits Family Center

Graycen fell in love with the music

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Graycen Bond, age 2, was diagnosed with heart disease which required a transplant. She is now back home in Kenner, LA. While she was a patient at the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children, Children’s Harbor Cardiology Counselor Jared Hood offered Music Together activities to Graycen and her family. Jared learned this research-based movement and music program while attending a certification class in Nashville, TN earlier in the year and now offers the experience to many of his patients and their family members.

This wonderful therapy technique dispels fear, anxiety and loss of control while allowing patients and their families to express themselves in a fun and unique way.

Jared recently met with Graycen’s father, Mark, during a clinic visit. Mark shared that their family continues to the listen to the Music Together CD while traveling because Graycen fell in love with the music while in the hospital.

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